About Paula

hi! i'm paula

My love for nature started young growing up in the countryside – mountains, fields, sunsets, storms, wildlife – you name it, I was drawing it. I felt quite the artist. Then, at 13, I stumbled upon a very old Pentax camera in my dad's shed, it even had a roll of film still inside! Even though it was kaput, it sparked my interest in photography. I started learning all I could about photography and dreamed of being a landscape photographer but got talked out of it.

Fast forward to my adult years, I worked as an assistant nurse, but my health took a nosedive after six years. Sad as it was to leave, my heart still craved connecting with people. I tried my hand at a cleaning business with the hubby, it was great and we were a wonderful team, this lasted two years until baby number one came along. We decided I would be a stay at home Mum and hubby would go back to full time work.

Being a stay-at-home mom got me thinking about photography again, but this time, capturing moments with my kiddos. When the second one arrived, I finally asked the hubby if I could get a camera. Surprisingly, he said yes, and there's been no looking back! I got registered, insured, and started the self-taught journey. Whether I'm editing or studying, I'm all in to keep getting better.

And now, I'm living one of my childhood dream jobs, and I couldn't be happier!

  • I love all animals (except spiders)
  • I can play the guitar at beginner level
  • I am an avid book reader and can't get enough fiction crime books to read
  • I can sketch but haven't in a very long time
  • I love scrapbooking
  • When sick or have a quiet week I binge watch crime shows (CSI, Law and Order, NCIS)
  • I love sunsets more than sunrises (because I am NOT a morning person)
  • Mountain biking and hiking is my jam, I have a shotgun seat on my bike so my girls can tag along
  • I owned a paint horse stud in my teenage years, due to the millennium drought 1997-2009 we had to close like many farms around us. It was my life though and I wiIl take any chance I get to be on a horse again
  • I now have 2 little girls who I love more than anything

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