professional photography for dog breeders

So, you know how they say responsible dog breeding is like a mix of love and a full-time job? Well, it's true! It's like having a small business that's also a family affair. Seriously, these breeders I team up with? They're pouring their hearts, souls, and wallets into these fluffy entrepreneurs. And hey, let's not forget the importance of looking good online, right? A killer website with top-notch pics? It's like the holy grail of dog breeding marketing. Trust me, when your website shines with consistent, high-quality photos, people notice. They're like, "Wow, these folks mean business!"

So, here's the deal: I'm all about making you look like the top dog in the breeding game. We'll tailor your photo session to fit your vibe – whether it's matching your kennel's colours, getting into the holiday spirit, or even throwing in some puppy newborn pics for extra cuteness overload! Oh, and first-timers? You get a bonus: a professional headshot with your pups, on the house. Let's have some fun while we make your breeding program shine!

Alright, let's talk turkey about what you get with your puppy photoshoot package! Each little furball gets their moment in the spotlight with two primo shots: one showcasing their adorable physique and unique markings, and another capturing their irresistible personality in a headshot. Plus, we'll round up the whole gang for a group pic – and trust me, I'm snapping away like a paparazzi to ensure we capture those perfect moments! There will be a heap of extras available of the puppies playing and having fun together if you wanted to purchase more.

You're not just getting one version of each pic, oh no! You'll receive both a sleek, watermark-free image for your website and a web-ready version with a watermark, perfect for sharing the puppy love on social media. And hey, if you've got some snazzy props you want to throw into the mix, go for it! Or you can raid my stash of ribbons, bow ties, and cute crates.

Now, let's talk style. We'll chat about whether your pups are going au naturel or if they're sporting some fancy accessories like ribbons or bowties. And to keep things organized, each pic will be labeled with the pup's name for easy reference.

Oh, and speaking of wrangling puppies, I recommend having a trusty assistant on hand – one wrangler for every 2-3 pups should do the trick. And hey, first-timers, I've got a little bonus for you: a free headshot of you with the litter, perfect for future marketing endeavours. So, dress to impress!

What your puppy session includes:

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If you're up for it, I've got an extra treat for you: the option to add some adorable puppy newborn images to your session. Picture this: cozy little pups wrapped up like burritos, snuggling with their favorite teddy bear, or maybe a dainty bow adorning a sleeping princess – it's cuteness overload!

These creative shots can really make your breeding program shine and grab attention from potential puppy parents. It's not just about the health investments you've made; it's about showcasing your genuine passion and love for what you do. Let's capture those heart-melting moments and let your puppy love shine through! 

Puppy newborn portraits


adult breeding dog portraits

Let's talk about the backbone of your breeding program: the adults! It's time to give them the spotlight with some stunning portraits that not only give potential puppy parents a glimpse into their future furball's appearance but also showcase their form, colour, and unique personality.

With my breeder photography services, you have the option to feature your adult breeding dogs in all their glory. You'll receive a set of five captivating images, including full-body shots and personality-packed headshots. These images are perfect for sprucing up your website and social media ads, attracting attention to your program, and drawing in new customers who just can't resist those adorable faces!

Included in photoshoot:
20min Session
5 Retouched Images
Private Online Gallery
Additional Breeding Dog with same deliverables as above $100


Included in photoshoot:
2 Retouched Images Per Puppy
1 Group Image
Use of Ribbons, Bow Ties, Crates, Flower Clips etc.
Private Online Gallery