5 Tips for the perfect family photo session

I have 5 tips for a family photo session that will be authentically you. This goes for a session with me or any other amazing photographer you find in Brisbane. With this advice you will have the images of your dreams.

Brisbane family maternity session

Tip 1: Don’t stress about “Perfection”

Life gets messy, and that’s where the magic happens. Let your kids dive into the experience – dirty hands, windswept hair, and even the occasional tear are all part of the story we’re creating together. It’s not about perfection; it’s about capturing the authentic, beautiful chaos that makes your family uniquely yours.

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Tip 2: Let the kids be Kids

Genuine smiles are born from real moments, not forced poses. Forget about the “say cheese” routine. My sessions are all about connecting and having fun. In my family photo sessions let the little ones play, explore, and be themselves. If they want to run, join the race. If they break into spontaneous dance, groove along. And yes, brace yourself for a few fart jokes – because laughter is the key to those candid, infectious smiles.

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Tip 3: Laugh it off

Tantrums and meltdowns are just part of the childhood script. Embrace them. Keep smiling, no one can hear a tantrum in an image and once the tears and crying is over those cuddle photos that follow are the true treasures. Your laughter will always outshine any momentary challenges. Your photographer is here to weave these stories into timeless images that capture the joy and resilience of your family.

Motherhood photo session in Brisbane

Tip 4: Be Yourself, Let Your Photographer In

Before the session, you’ll likely receive a questionnaire. Dive into the details. The best photos come from your photographer knowing your family well. Don’t hold back – share your quirks, your inside jokes, and the unique dynamics that make your family special. The more your photographer understands, the better they can capture the authenticity of who you are.

Family photo session in Brisbane

Tip 5: Immerse Yourself in the Shared Experience

When the session begins, forget about the to-do list waiting for you at home. This is your moment – a chance to truly connect and share a joyful family photo experience. Whether it’s playing with the kids or focusing on the love between you and your partner, let life wait until after you’ve soaked in these precious moments. It’s not just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of your family’s story.

Being ready starts before you get to your session though, here’s some advice for before you even arrive

January 7, 2024

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