What Time Does Family Photo Sessions Start?

So what time do you need to be ready for your family photos? I’m sure you want to know what time family photo sessions start. Well I like to shoot around sunset or in special cases sunrise. This of course changes throughout the year based on the seasons, so in Autumn and Winter it will be a lot earlier than in Spring or Summer. A lot of things can play into this though, the weather, overcast, location and so on. If you want to see yourself the time of sunsets in Brisbane here is a handy website.

time does family photo sessions start

If you don’t know who I am and this is all new to you, hi! I’m Paula. I’m like your personal Brisbane/South East Queensland adventure photographer, here to capture all the giggles, hugs, and quirky moments that make your family uniquely you. Whether it’s climbing trees, splashing in creeks, or dancing like no one is watching, I’m all about bringing out your family’s personality and spirit in every shot. And hey, once we’re done, you’ll have some seriously awesome artwork to deck out your walls and remind you of the love-filled chaos that is your home sweet home. Sooo….

What time do family photo sessions start for sunset?

The exact timing for our sunset family photo session depends on where we’ll be shooting and the age of your little ones. If we’re in for a bit of a hike to reach various spots, I usually aim to start about 1.5 hours before sunset. If its a maternity session I usually tack on another 20 mins just because waddling and manoeuvring around takes a little more time.

For locations that don’t require much walking, we might kick off an hour before sunset. And hey, if you’ve got a bunch of little ones or if you’re raiding my client closet, I’ll factor in a bit of cushion time.

Typically, sessions run around an hour to an hour and a half, but honestly, I’m not a stickler for time. We just roll with it and wrap up when it feels right.

What time do we start for sunrise?

Well, I don’t usually offer sunrise but throughout autumn and spring there can be some select dates if requested in advance. Sunrise sessions will start about 15 minutes before sunrise, or if the location has something blocking the sun for the first few minutes, we might start right at sunrise or a little after. This timing is because in Summer well sunrise is just way too early for me to get out of bed and in Winter it can be too cold to drag little ones out but if you are after that Winter rugged up look then winter mornings can be perfect.

What if its overcast?

Your session time really rides on the weather, but don’t sweat it—I’ve got my eye on the forecast. If it looks like we need to adjust for sunset sessions by starting a tad earlier or maybe holding off a bit for sunrise, I’ll give you the heads up. When it’s looking overcast, I usually recommend kicking off an hour or two ahead of schedule for sunsets or pushing back for sunrises. Cloudy skies can be a blessing, giving us that dreamy, even lighting we all love, as long as we steer clear of high noon when the sun’s blasting straight down. Nobody wants those pesky dark under-eye shadows, even with clouds!

For days like these, I suggest rocking warm hues with some lighter neutrals to keep things from feeling too gloomy.

time does family photo sessions start

I’m glad I could clear things up about the timing of your family photo session! If you’ve still got questions or need more info, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. I’m all ears and ready to make sure your outdoor family photo sesh is absolutely perfect! Now that you’ve got the scoop on when we’ll be shooting, it’s time to lock in your spot! I can’t wait to work with you and capture some unforgettable moments with your family. Let’s make magic happen!

April 26, 2024

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